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Beautiful sisters Ai, Mai, Mii, their android maid Mea and slippery pet ferret Unagi make an amazing journey together through time and space without ever leaving their beloved mansion behind! Following the clues of the strange dandelion-like "Popotan," the girls are theoretically seeking the person who has the answers to their most personal questions, but they seem to have more than enough time to take side trips, meet new friends, visit hot springs and occasionally operate the X-mas shop they keep in the house along the way! Yet, the girls' ultimate destiny holds more than a few surprises of its own, and not every moment is filled with hilarity, as moving through time means having to leave friends behind as well. (Source: RightStuf)

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The series follows three sisters and their android maid as they travel through time in their magical Christmas Store/home. They meet and make friends, losing them with each disappearance of their home, leaving, searching as guided by the Popotan (the dandelions) who speak to them. I though it was kind of silly as I watched the first episode, but as the characters developed, I got hooked. They have sisterly arguments and makeups, and usually end on a happy note. If casual home nudity bothers you, then this one is not for you. The series is set  in Japan where co-ed communal bathing occurs. I viewed this series on Netflix Streaming.

Popotan is the definition of an underrated gem STORY I find Popotan's story to be all over the place at times, but it is rather nice and refreshing for a visual novel adaptation. Most visual novel adaptations are harems (because most visual novels are dating sims) while I love these kinds of shows, it can be nice for things to change a bit. I think the greatest part is the perfect mix of comedy and drama Popotan has. ANIMATION Being animated by Shaft (before they made a name for themselves) it is extremely well animated. The character designs are very nice and you can tell each girl apart. There is some fanservice, but thats not really a problem with me. SOUND The dub is unfortunately, not very good. But it does get better overtime. The JP dub is fairly well done. The OP is really catchy. As for the BGM, its good, not really much to talk about. CHARACTERS This is the best part of Popotan, every character is well defined and has a personality. Even though lots of them are stereo-types, they are still good characters. Ai is kind to everyone and can't hate anyone. Mai is a bit of a tsundere, but she really does care for people. Mii is your typical happy-go-lucky loli, but is pretty cute. And Mea is a Dandere, but does have lots of funny moments. Overall the cast is lovely. Overall I really did enjoy Popotan, I highly recommend it. Popotan is available for legal streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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