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Sometimes it's good to let your feminine side shine, as Tooru Kouno learns in the series Princess Princess! Tooru is a bishounen in every sense of the word, but he tries to not let the attention he gets from others bother him. Though when he transfers into a new all-boy school, he notices that even more attention than usual is being paid to him. Due to his good looks, Tooru has been scouted for the school's Princess System which involves finding very good-looking boys and dressing them up as very good-looking girls in order to serve as the school's idols/mascots and keep morale boosted among the student population. At first Tooru is completely against the idea, but after finding out the benefits to being one of the school's princesses he accepts the offer, and finds out just how hard a woman's life can be!

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StoryThe basic premise of the show is that a good looking guy transfers to a new school and is forced to dress like a good looking lady. This starts as the main focus through the first half of the series, then it starts looking at the past of two of the characters for the fianl half.This show mainly focuses on the comedy involving a variety of techniques to get a laugh out of the audience, from caricatures/deformed versions of the charecters to fourth wall breaking, which worked well. There is a little bit of drama but not a lot and only very tiny hints at any shounen-ai.The art was nice, nothing to go nuts or rave about, the princesses dresses were well designed and you can tell quite a bit focused on that, but the character designs were typical of a shoujo anime, everyone was good looking and very 'pretty'.Sound was likable but forgettable, the opening was pleasing as was the ending.You'll most likely enjoy all the characters, non of them were hateable and had there own perks, i could not even bring myself to dislike the minor/temporary antagonists.Overall 9/10I would defiantly recommend this if your looking for a good comedy with a fairly unique premise, theres enough shounen-ai to make fans of the genre happy but not enough of it for non fans to dislike this show.

A cute cross-dressing anime with beautiful boys dressing up as princesses for the entertainment of the school! It is a humorous and fantastic storyline with clear, distinct characters that spark the anime! Princess Princess is a good choice for those who prefer soft shounen-ai and a good beginner to start the path road on becoming a yaoi fangirl!

Princess Princess knows who its audience is and plays it up in all the right ways.

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