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Insecure Ai Shiomi begins attending the prestigous Psychic Academy for psychically gifted students, following in the footsteps of his legendary older brother. (Source: ANN)

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Not a lot of reviews float around the internet for this Original Net Animation (which is an anime directly released online.) That means this was never on TV. All the reviews I've seen were really negative and I wanna be the person who actually praises this show. Because this is a webshow, the episodes, as you may have noticed are a mere seven - eight episodes in length. That would mean that if you take three of these episodes and combine them into one, it would make one solid episode. With this anime, you could actually do this because every three episodes in this twenty four episode anime follow a continuing plot in an arc of some sort. So, if you combine all of these, you'd get eight full episodes. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I think it was a good idea to make these episodes only seven minutes long.   Psychic Academy follows the story of a boy named Ai Shiomi who is going to a school for aura users called <i>Psychic Academy </i>(the title of the series.) There, he reunites with his childhood friend, Orina and meets a tsundere girl named Myuu (this is not her real name, it's her auracode.) These 24 episodes visit about the ~first three volumes of the manga, but that's as far as I got before the plot became after volume three, but it later explores Ai's feelings for Orina and ends in a very odd spot, but the story is very pure, and if you don't like the length of each episode, then sorry, this isn't for you. But, if you want something fun, you'll really enjoy this. Also, it ends a little before the manga was completed, so I'm not sure how the manga ended, but the first ~18 episodes seem to follow the manga's plot up until volume three (where I stopped.) They do leave a little out, but again, remember the length of each episode! They can't cram much in in a span of seven minutes, now can they...? The story is fun and lighthearted. In some cases, really awkward and funny. Of course, the action is pretty cool, too, but there isn't all that much action until later since... you know... seven to eight minutes each. You'll feel some joy watching this if you want twenty four quick episodes of fun stuff. Now, the animation, you got to realize this was made in 2002. So, it's 12 years old. But, most web animation doesn't seem like this. I'd say the animation is pretty good for the medium used here to broadcast this show. It's not too flashy, but it's not too stiff. It's pretty good for its time! Which I really like about this anime. The sound is okay. Not too bad, and not too terrible. It's pretty average, but fits the world so well. If that makes any sense. The characters, they're enjoyable. All of them are so much fun and different from one another. The protagonist, Ai Shiomi is your typical shonen lead, in some aspects, but he's still a nice character. But Orina (Her real name.) (Saara to everyone else as it is her auracode) was actually a really nice girl protagonist. Though, you'll really adore Myuu. She's pretty adorable for being a tsundere like character. The characters aren't all that annoying--they're all pretty fun, and you'll love them! So, this anime is pretty good if you give it a chance. If you have about three hours to spare, I'd give it a go! It's an older anime, and it's easily forgotten, so I mean, hey, why not give it a try? I recommend it! 

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