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Fumihiko Matsumaru is an average salaryman with no girlfriend. He invited his colleague Miss Tanaka to a movie but was stood up. Right at the time he was about to toss tickets into a trash can, a cute girl appeared and asked him not to waste those two tickets. After movie and dinner, he escorted her home and found they live in the same neighborhood, yet unfortunately her apartment caught on fire hours later. Having nowhere else to stay, rookie seiyuu Aka Onda moved to Matsumaru's place, and the two had started a "more than friend but not yet lovers" relationship under the same roof while keeping this secret from their employers. (Source: ANN)

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REC, the sweet little love story When I first found REC I wondered what it was. It's fairly short, (or even very short for an anime) it's only 10 episodes and they are not the normal ~20 mins, but rather ~10 mins. Which means it is quite short. However, the material is quite straight forward and are quite heart warming. We first start of with: Fumihiko Matsumaru, an awkward guy, at first sight at the very least. He seems to been stood up of a movie date with some girl or something. Not really important. In his misery of the knowledge of being stood up a girl shows herself citing lines from a movie. Enter Onda Aka. Onda goes to the movie with Matsumaru instead of just throwing the tickets away. Futher in it shows that Onda lives in the same neighbourhood as Matsumaru. After they say good bye Matsumaru goes back to his appartment. Later that night there is a fire, and unfortunately Onda appartment was on fire. Matsumaru invites Onda to stay with him for the night which she does. And this is how the show begins. You might be thinking, oh, sounds fishy, and like a cliché. Maybe. It's a little bit as that. However, as the show progresses the feelings of affections they show each other is so heartfelt that I melt myself. Since the show is so short we won't really have time for detours, everything is focused on their relationship and their jobs. Ah their jobs. REC's name is from the idea that Onda is an Voice actress. She works with recording her voice. Not that it's really important what she works with, but it's what she does. Matsumaru works at a snack company as a salary man. While this two jobs is arbitrary for itself it works itself quite nicely into the story and some hardships. The one who watches will see. The two stars are really only Matsumaru and Onda. The only two important other characters are Matsumaru's work friend and Onda's manager. They round up the cast so that we can focus on the two real stars. And speaking of them, I like them. Matsumaru is kind, but also complex and parhaps a little childish. Onda don't really stop to take a breath and see her surroundings. Sufficient to say they are not one dimensional. Should you get it? Definitely. The show is short so you can go through it in a couple of hours. And you will be glad and feel fulfilled afterwards that you walk away with a smile. Personally, I watched it all on one evening.

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