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A strange environmental phenomenon 22 years ago in the Kanazawa prefecture caused the land to split and protrude upwards reaching unprecedented heights, creating the secluded area known as The Lost Ground. Kazuma is a young mercenary who lives in the Lost Ground, looking for any work he can find to sustain his livelihood within the harsh environment. He is one of the few people that are gifted with the Alter ability, which allows him to plaster his right arm and torso with a metallic alloy. When this mercenary encounters HOLY, an order whose purpose is to suppress and capture what they call Native Alter Users, and one of the elite members of HOLY, Ryuho, an epic rivalry begins. (Source: ANN)

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Kazuma wakes up. Kazuma gets out of bed. Kazuma realises that he has gotten out of the wrong side of the bed. This makes Kazuma angry.Kazuma punches wall.The wall of the house that Kazuma and his sister live in falls down. Now Kazuma needs to get money to buy a new wall. Kazuma's friend says he has a job for him that will earn him money. It involves taking out members of the evil organisation Holy.Kazuma punches friend.Kazuma and his friend goes to where Holy have enslaved a bunch of the locals. The locals can't escape because Holy have an Alter User there, who has magical powers and will kill them if they escape. The Holy members there are comicly evil, beating the civilians when they're not too busy picking dead babies out from between their teeth. This makes Kazuma angry.Kazuma punches Holy member.Holy hears that one of their men have been attacked. They send a squad out to investigate. This squad includes the powerful alter user Ryuhou and some blue haired chick who never does anything useful because girls in the world of Scryed are basically useless at everything. Ryuhou arrives at the scene and sees the wreckage that Kazuma has caused. This makes Ryuhou angry. Kazuma catches sight of Ryuhou and sees that he's a member of Holy. This makes Kazuma angry.Kazuma punches Ryuhou.This makes Ryuhou angry. Ryuhou brings out his alter and bitch slaps Kazuma. This makes Kazuma realise that he's not strong enough to beat Ryuhou in his current state. This makes Kazuma angry. Kazuma goes to a magical forest that he thinks will make him stronger for no adequately explored reason. In the forest he sees a black and white man.Kazuma punches man.Kazuma is sent flying by the shock. His punch was ineffective. This makes Kazuma angry. Now Kazuma needs to come up with a different tactic to defeat this monster.Kazuma punches man.The punch does nothing. Kazuma starts to realise that he is hopeless to resist this awesome power. This makes Kazuma angry. His life flashes before his eyes. He will never protect his sister from the might of Holy. He is destined to live a life in destitute poverty until Holy sees it fit to end his pitiful existence.Kazuma punches man.The punch still does nothing. Kazuma starts to doubt his own existence. This makes Kazuma angry. Punching is his reason for living. It's how he identifies himself as a person. Without that he has nothing.Kakuma punches man.For some reason it works this time, and now Kazuma gets a magical upgrade that means he can punch things even more now. But while he was wasting time, Ryuhou was thinking about Kazuma. This makes Ryuhou angry. Ryuhou goes to the house Kazuma lives in, but Kazuma isn't there, only Kazuma's sister. This makes Ryuhou angry. Ryuhou destroys Kazuma's house. Kazuma comes home in time to see Ryuhou destroy his house. This makes Kazuma angry. Ryuhou sees Kazuma. This makes Ryuhou angry.Kazuma punches Ryuhou.Ryuhou punches Kazuma.EXPLOSHUN!Kazuma is wandering around the wilderness. He doesn't know what to do. This makes Kazuma angry. He meets MOTHER FUCKING STRAIGHT COUGAR BITCHES. Straight Cougar stands there being awesome. He juts out his magnificent chin and tells Kazuma to get a grip.Kazuma punches Straight Cougar.However Kazuma misses because he tried to punch MOTHER FUCKING STRAIGHT COUGAR BITCHES. Meanwhile Ryuhou has contracted plot convenient amnesia and is now a good guy who is friends with Kazuma's sister. The members of Holy are now also good guys because they're with Ryuhou. However the story now needs a villain even more stupidly evil than Holy, so they introduce a psychotic lunatic who nobody would ever listen to and make him the most powerful guy ever. The villain then captures Kazuma's sister. This makes Kazuma angry. This also makes Ryuhou angry. They agree to go to the city to rescue her.Kazuma punches Ryuhou.Kazuma comes up to the great walls of the city, representing the disconnect between the upper classes that live in luxury versus his life in the outer city slums.Kazuma punches wall.In the desolate city, where all life has been chased off by the psychotic villain, Kazuma finds a kitten. The kitten is alone and cold, reminding him of his harsh upbringing and his loneliness and isolation due to his phenomenal power.Kazuma punches kitten.Kazuma confronts the psychotic villain. Kazuma's sister is in a chair with wires coming out of her like the end scene in Metropolis. This makes Kazuma angry. The villain boasts about his ultimate power and how unbeatable he is.Kazuma punches villain.The world is saved. No more ridiculously evil people. Only the marginally less evil Holy, who agree that capturing and enslaving civilians was probably not a good idea. Kazuma is finally re-united with his sister. Kazuma's sister runs towards him with tears in her eyes and her arms open to embrace her courageous brother for whom she never lost faith in.Kazuma punches sister.

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