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Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san

Okometsubu Fujiyama has recently transferred over to a new school, Wakame High School. His goal is to make 100 friends--until he meets the extremely wierd Masaru Hananakajima. Masaru is a martial artist whose specialty is the "Sexy Commando" form of martial art. Masaru forms a club based on this art, including Fujiyama, who he nicknames Fuumin, in the club. The club becomes full of strange, yet wacky people. Aliens, moustaches, and cute fuzzy animals are encountered as the club moves along and gets steadily more popular. (Source: ANN)

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WARNING!! If you are unusu­ally sens­ible, ser­i­ous or a wan­na­bee goody goody then there’s no need to read this review. Also, no criticism’s allowed! — The review­ers fatherThis review has had my heart and soul put into it. Please close all other win­dows and focus on only the text.It is advised you read this review while listen­ing to music, eat­ing a sand­wich while tweet­ing that you are doing these three things.Quick crash course: Sexy Com­mando Gaiden is a 1998 anime, 50 epis­odes long (although the epis­odes them­selves are only 10 minutes long so it’s not as long as first glance would have you believe) and isn’t that well known in the west­ern world. It’s never been licensed in any way shape or form out­side of Japan. It does, how­ever, have a massive cult fan­base inside Japan itself. Now the reason it’s not pop­u­lar abroad is pretty obvi­ous. It’s very Japan­ese in it’s humour. This is as Japan­ese as you can ima­gine. Full of weird, non-explainable events with the clas­sic man­zai com­edy style of the straight man to the funny man. But it’s only when you watch the show does the idea of why this is a cult hit make sense.The anime’s cent­ral focus is a gen­eric main char­ac­ter and his encounter with the prac­ti­tioner of the Sexy Com­mando fight­ing style, Masaru. Every aspect of Masaru’s char­ac­ter is a gradual build up of ran­dom char­ac­ter traits. He wears rings on his shoulders that cause cash machines to start sprout­ing ran­dom phrases. If he takes them off, his hair grows shorter. Oh, and they also start spout­ing smoke at occa­sional inter­vals. Not that any of this par­tic­u­larly annoys Masaru. He has a fond­ness for mous­taches and magical dis­ap­pear­ing base­ball throw­ing tech­niques. Oh, he also has a story about how he found those rings. One day, he was walk­ing through the woods. He saw the rings on the ground, so he picked them up. The End.You start­ing to get a pic­ture of what this anime is like yet? While Masaru is the ulti­mate example of the sheer ran­dom­ness of this anime, this trait fea­tures through­out the show. Char­ac­ters are intro­duced with the most ran­dom of char­ac­ter traits with the most bizarre abil­it­ies with seem­ingly no real reason. If there was meant to be satire of some sort in this show, I never saw it. Maybe once or twice, but it would hap­pen so infre­quently that I came to dis­miss it. While it’s obvi­ous that I could miss a fair amount of the Japan­ese satire, I find it impossible to believe that I missed so much of it that I thought this wasn’t satire at all.My mind sees an totally batty author, about as mad as Masaru him­self, who will think up of totally ran­dom plot points and toss them in for the heck of it. He has a vague idea of what sort of story he’s try­ing to tell. It’s about gen­eric main char­ac­ter learn­ing that there are rather less con­ven­tional ways of mak­ing friends (oddly close to Arakawa when I put it like that, but these two are nowhere near the same level), but for the most part he just makes shit up. But, and here’s the import­ant part, he runs with it. Any­thing he’s writ­ten stays in. The ran­dom­ness builds up and becomes part of the story. The anemic guy has the spirit of muscly, Japan­ese salary­man from the muscle build­ing ads inside him? Great, we’ll run with that through­out the story and he’ll appear whenever it makes sense for him to do so (for a given value of ‘sense’ that is).This all builds up. The ran­dom­ness becomes part of the story and part of the world. You’re always aware at how stu­pid all this stuff is, and yet you grow accus­tomed to see­ing it. You’re sucked into the world of the Sexy Com­mando, where the head­mas­ter calls for breaks in class by dron­ing ‘sea­weed’ over and over again on the inter­com. Where girls have their fath­ers killed by rogue mous­taches. It all becomes part of the world you’ve got­ten sucked into, and it looks like so much fun you find your­self want­ing to join in. Hence, I can totally see why this is a cult hit. A world where people cry WANCHU and CLEANUP PRINCESS, know­ing what they mean. A world where you can all dress in the cus­tom­ary Sexy Com­mando battle gear of the white, long sleeved shirt and jeans, with your team leader sport­ing those fetch­ing golden rings. Where you all come together to per­form the Mel­an­choly of Elise (the dra­matic unzip­ping of your fly, that is the pre­cursor to every move in the Sexy Com­mando hand­book). That’s a cult I’d love to be part of.Oh and by the way, the female coach is called Moe Moe. You now have another reason to watch this anime.Oh yeah, that open­ing para­graph? Each epis­ode of Sexy Com­mando starts with this:"WARNING!! If you are unusu­ally sens­ible, ser­i­ous or a wan­na­bee goody goody then there’s no need to watch this anim­a­tion. Also, no criticism’s allowed! — The review­ers father"Mean­while, a women is telling us to turn up the volume because the video was recor­ded in ste­reo hi-fi while a man sim­ul­tan­eously tells you to turn down the volume because this is a late night anime and you don’t want to dis­turb the neighbours.CLEANUP PRINCESS!

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