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Shibawanko no Wa no Kokoro

Based on a japanese children`s book by Yoshie Kawaura. Shiba-wanko, a Shiba-inu dog, and Miike-nyanko, a calico cat, live together in a classic Japanese-style house with the traditional Japanese alcove called a tokonoma. Shiba-wanko is a very gentle and hardworking soul who does all of the cleaning, laundry and cooking in the house. Miike-nyanko is a different type all together, being rather temperamental and not very good with housework. Together, these two learn the manners and customs associated with events such as the proper Japanese way to treat one`s guests, preparing for a Japanese New Year and how to enjoy the kimono, the traditional Japanese costume. Each chapter covers a specific topic which has to do with living in "Wa" (the Japanese-style spirit of peace and harmony) throughout the changing seasons. (Source: AniDB)
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