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Shurannosuke Sakaki is a masterless samurai with a razor-sharp katana and a cold-hearted personality. Whenever you see the mark of two crossed scythes on his back, death is sure to follow. Because of his exceptional swordsmanship, Shurannosuke is hired by the Nakura Clan to rescue Princess Mayu from the Seki Ninja. In this mission, he must use his full potential to survive the Seki Ninja's notorious henchmen. (Source: ANN)

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You know how sometime you'll stumble across a film that you swear is a rip-off of another film, but then you discover that the inferior film came first?  For example: Most people today probably thought that *Gordy* was a rip-off of *Babe*, when in reality, *Gordy*, while vastly inferior to *Babe*, came first.  <i>Sword for Truth </i>is one of those films. Story - 2/10 The story is basically your standard "save the princess from kidnapping" story - basically, it's the plot to the first Super Mario game, except set in Japan, and with Ninjas instead of Koopas.  As awesome as that might sound, it's not good at all.  It's done in a way that the "Rule of Cool" gets priority.  And while I like some series that rely on the "Rule of cool", there is a limit.  Sword for Truth reached that limit.  Oh, and did I mention that the film ends in an incredibly dumb way? Animation - 4/10 The animation is alright...when there aren't any fight scenes.  Which might not sound like that much of a problem, except this is supposed to be an action movie.  The fight scenes (oh, and get this: This film had the gall to market itself as having "The Best Sword Fighting Action Since *Ninja Scroll!*", despite the fact that *Sword for Truth* came out first!) are some of the worst I've seen - heck, the fight in *Maid-Sama!* was more intense than the fight in this movie. Sound - 5/10 It just sounds like stock japanese music.  Nothing really I can say here.  The dub is mediocre. Character - 1/10 Sakaki is easily the most overpowered character I've seen in any anime - and yes, I have seen SAO.  Heck, Kirito is BALANCED when compared to Sakaki.  So, if you're a fan of SAO, the next time you hear someone label Kirito as the most overpowered character of all time, sit them down and force them to watch this movie.  They will take back that statement in a heartbeat.  The rest of the cast is just...forgettable. Enjoyment - 1/10 Despite the fact that it came first, I honestly believe that this is a rip-off of *Ninja Scroll* - which you should just watch instead.  Also, how exactly is a Sword supposed to be "For Truth"? Overall - 1/10 Easily the worst anime film I've seen.  This was almost as bad as Master of Martial Hearts.

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