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Humanity is dominated by fear when the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber. There is hope, however—Mechanical Angel Aquarion, a fighting machine powered by the intertwined souls of pilots known as Elements. With prophecy being fulfilled, and the end of the world approaching, the last hope for the new century takes flight. For mankind to survive, one among the Elements must rise. (Source: Crunchyroll)

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**Sousei no Aquarion: Battling Robots again.....** This is anime is far from being made for everyone. It tries to hard sometimes and others its not as well done as it could have been. Story: The intro to this show hooked me instantly, I *thought* it would be amazing, the way they portrayed the main character and the way the initial fights were shown. Instead it lead to disappointment  as much as the beginning hooked me in, it only really lead downhill from there. I mainly continued to watch this show in a constant hope that it would get better, and it did have its occasional good moment, but overall I can't really say too much more good about this anime. Animation: It was decent, it fit the theme of the show and gave it a good flow. That being said, it could have been done better. Summary: Watch it if you like the whole Mech theme and lots of the same fighting + power up scenes over and over, but don't go into it with your hopes too high looking for an amazing anime that will blow you away. -Alf

I found it to be very boring and cliché. The characters always one with boring and predictable power -ups. They have the most awkward orgasms. The animation is shit, have the time one eye was wonky or face was slanted. Sound was quite average, nothing special. Had thee most bullshit metaphors. I didn't enjoy it at all and i wouldnt recomend it ot anyone.

Im not really a big fan of mecha anime but watching this anime make me want to watch it over and over again. The charactter were really fun to watch as they rabble with other people, the awesome fighting giant robot clashing and saving mankind, the romance between Apollo and Sylvia.

Going into this I sorta assumed it was a classic of some sorts, and maybe it is. Quality though.... it isn't. Not a very good series, with lots of problems. Mostly followed the "monster of the week" episodic formula. Most of the episodes were laughably bad. The ending was a bit WTF and a mess. Even though I obviously didn't love the anime I still found some episodes to be very entertaining (even if not always in a good way). I wouldn't recommend this one, I feel like there are much better anime in this sub genre of mecha.

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