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1. Final Flight of the Osiris The crew of the Osiris discover an army preparing to invade Zion. While one crew member races inside the Matrix to get the message to Zion, the others try desperately to buy her enough time while fighting off an onslaught of Sentinels they can't possibly defeat. 2-3. The Second Renaissance Part 1 and 2 Humans have created the ultimate AI, which is just as smart as they are. But complications arise when these robots and the humans try to exist peacefully, and eventually all-out war breaks out. The humans ultimately lose the war, and become trapped in the Matrix as seen in the live-action films. 4. Kid's Story A young man discovers that his world isn't real, that it's a computer-generated fantasy land created by robots using humans for energy. He escapes with the help of the hacker Neo. Based on the Matrix trilogy. 5. Program Cis and Duo engage in battle in a virtual recreation of Feudal Japan. 6. World Record While running the fastest race in his life, a champion track star breaks free of his computer-generated world for a small period of time. When he goes back to the real world, he has no memories and is placed in a nursing home. Based on the Matrix trilogy. 7. Beyond While looking for her lost pet, a young woman meets up with some kids in Tokyo to play in a "haunted house," which is really a glitch in their computer world. Based on the Matrix trilogy. 8. Detective Story A detective named Ash is called upon by a mysterious organization to hunt down the notorious hacker Trinity. 9. Matriculated A group of scientists capture a robot and place it in a surreal fantasy world. When the robot's friends come in and kill most of the scientists; however, the robot and the last scientist remaining face isolation in the computer-generated world. Based on the Matrix trilogy. (Source: ANN)

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Watching this shit makes me feel "High". It's a "fastfoward" of the Matrix trilogy and not much in this movie makes any fucking sense. They didn't follow the Matrix trilogy at all. How high can you be to make this anime? 

<i>This review is brought on about the RBRP, and is a review I neglected. </i> The Animatrix is a spin-off to the popular film franchise, The Matrix. This spin-off gives us, the viewers, a set of stories that were not shown in the original film trilogy. The Animatrix is split up into eight different stories, all telling completely different story for each; as there are many directors that took part in this anime such as: Watanabe, Shinchiro (Cowboy Bebop), Kawajiri, Yoshiaki (Redline), Morimoto, Kouji (Akira), and many others. Keep in mind The Animatrix boasts a different art style for each story, as they brought many different artists to help complete this task. So know all this I will review each story separately, due to this I will be putting my overall feelings here in the front in case you don’t want to read the whole review. “Beauty is the eye of the beholder,” and this is completely true when it comes to this anime, The Animatrix. The different forms of art style and storytelling can easily become a hit or miss for some of the audience that watches this anime. But, that is different for me, as I enjoyed this anime and the world extention of the Matrix franchise, although I don’t really like the Matrix movie franchise. So, I am entitled so say what I have said unbiasly. I believe the whole different story gets a different art style really plays well to The Animatrix’s success. Anyways, if you aren’t all too keen on the Matrix franchise, then I would suggest that you stay away from this anime, but it can sort of stand up separately without any knowledge of the Matrix going into it. All in all it was a fun watch, and would recommend it regardless. Also, this is a must watch for anyone interested in the Matrix series. **The First Episode** focuses on the crew of a ship called Osiris. As they were flying around they came across an army of Sentinels. After staying a little too long they were chased down, with nowhere else to go they sent, Jue, a member aboard the ship, to enter the Matrix and deliver the message to Zion. The art style is CG, which is really well done and fits the story that which was given unto it. I really think that if they used a different style this episode would have fell flat on their face. **The Second and Third Episode**<b> </b>is broken into two parts, The Second Renaissance Part I &amp; II, as each episode is only ten minutes long. This story takes place before the Matrix trilogy, and shows why the robots and Sentinels rose up and fought back against the humans. As for the art in this couple of episodes it was hand drawn, and really well done at that. (My personal favorite acr that this anime had to offer.) **The Fourth Episode** revolves around Kid, before he entered the Matrix, in high school who had a dream of him falling, and directly after waking up he went on to a message board; basically asking ‘what does it mean?’ Soon after the boy heads off to school where then he is warned of what’s happening around, as he then makes his escape. The art is absolutely stunning in this episode, the art is hand drawn with a hint pencil to tie it all together. This is episode, for those Matrix fans, was the first episode to feature Neo and Trinity, the two main of the original Matrix films. The English voice actors of Neo and Trinity were both actually the Actors that played their respective roles in The Matrix. **The Fifth Episode** of this anime is set in a training program of Feudal Japan, and follows Cis and Duo as they engage in combat. This episode has a subtle undertone of good versus bad, in its design with the use of white versus black. Nothing really more to say about this episode, besides the art style which is beautiful and very reminiscent of older anime. The few seconds of fight scenes that were shown in this episode was well choreographed! **The Sixth Episode**<b> </b>follows Dan Davis, an American athlete that is racing in a race. Dan has beat the World Record with a 8.99 seconds, but was later revoked due to drug use. So, he races again to beat that record without the drugs. What shown is the character interaction between him and a few other people, like a reporter, his father, and his Coach. These interactions are playing as he races. His Coach instructs him to not race, while his dad wants him to race. While talking to the reporter he states that he feels like he is “breaking free from the world.” The animation is absolutely gorgeous, and makes me wonder why there are no other racing/running anime, because I believe it could be done well. Well, there is **Suzuka**, but that anime was alright at best. Anyway I digress, this episode had a westernized animation feel that really brought out the the quality of this episode! **The Seventh Episode** is about Yoko, as she tries to find her missing cat, Yuki. She is lead to a “Haunted House” where a kid said that where the cat should be. After witnessing weird and strange events happen about the house, she found her cat, but not before Agents were at the scene to stop the problem in the Matrix. The mix of 1st and 3rd person camera views, of Yoko, were done rather well,but felt sort of off with the switching between the two, and to me personally degraded from the whole experience. **The Eighth Episode** follows a noir-ian type detective, Ash, and is set in an old-new-ish big city, I say that because they use computers, but Ash, uses a typewriter to use the computer. Ash is tasked with finding the hack named “Trinity,” but soon finds out the other detectives who tried and figured out who “Trinity” was all were killed or went insane. Oh, the art in this episode is complete black and white, which is also one of the main reasons why I say that this is a noir-ian detective episode. **The Ninth Episode** and final one is a complete and utter drug trip, and is what I assume a robot falling in love with a human by means of conversion? I don’t have any idea of what was happening, I just believe that the creators were on drugs to make this story. The art style was pretty good, granted it was CGI, so yeah. This would have to be the only one that I think is bad out of the eight stories. There’s nothing to say about the sound for the episodes individually, but collectively it was great. I watched the dubbed and the lip sync was actually spot on at times, but never degraded down below the “Great” tier that I have made up in my mind. As for the music, it works really well with the stories, because it is very dramatic just like the anime. As for recommendations, I can't think of any other anime that match The Animatrix's style of story telling, or art style. This anime is truly one of a kind!

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