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The background is in the distant future after the destruction brought about by Armageddon. The war between the vampires and the humans continue to persist. In order to protect the humans from the vampires, the Vatican has to rely on other allies to counter the situation. The protagonist, Abel Nightroad, is a traveling priest from the Vatican and a crusnik, a vampire that drinks the blood of vampires. He is a member of the "Ax", a special operations group led by Cardinal Catherina Sforza. He encounters a young girl called Esther, who decides to go with him to Rome and train at the Vatican. Soon after he meets her, the order of Rozencreuz, led by Abel's twin, Cain, tries to continue the war so they can rule the world. It's up to Abel and the AX to try and stop them.

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Start Date29th Apr 2005
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this anime is from 2005 but you miss something who people dont look like to know the existence of this old anime and thats be a really good one if you have watched it in 2005 ! we all know the writer have passed away "dead" before finished it...if you dont have hear about it... you know it now but anyway lets begin cant wait to talk about it ! <u>**About The Story**</u> the anime a pretty interesting story who you will stay in it without dropped it and you have a multiple story too but with a serious storyline this is a really mature serie thats the kind of story we will not seen in the future i dont know when you gonna see this anime or see the review but thats rare you gonna find this kind of story now if you are in 2040 or idk LOOL i think you will more seen story with a lot of **Ecchi ,** this one who we talking about "**Trinity Blood**" dont need **Ecchi** for be interesting... ,so yeah a lot of drama is present in the story with some feels thats sad to see how much people dont know about this anime or just dont like it... because i have freaking like that i will never forget this anime the story is awesome but im not gonna spoil nothing but the end is a little **Special** if we can say that i need more information !!!! <u>**About The Animation and Sounds**</u> this is from 2005 and i think the quality have used the best in this time because i like the design and the details on the characters without forgetting the awesome background and power effect  , for the Sounds they are pretty awesome too i like singing it both **Opening** and <b>Ending </b>they match correctly with the anime and make you more into the beat of <b>Trinity Blood </b>but i will leave you the link for this awesome music *\*NOTE the Opening 1 and 2 are a little similiar soo i will just put the link of the Opening 1 they have the same music but just with a another part but anyway\** **Opening 1** **Ending** hey wait thats not the time to feels right now lets continue to the others things now but if you dont feels thats alright forget what i just said :D you dont feel hyped for the anime ? i cant believe you fk it okay.. no just continue.... <u>**About The Characters**</u> we have a lot of awesome characters but will talk about some of them not each of them but just a lot of them with the important characters :3 ** Abel Nightroad /** awesome characters thats gonna be difficult to beat a nice characters like that compared to some of guy from others anime this one have been a real nice guy with a fking great personality thats can be good for the fan girl i think but this is truly freaking awesome he know when this is the time to laugh and when this is the time to dont fk around <b>Esther Blanchett / </b>i think i have fall for her she is a very kind girl i very like his personality you will probably like her and she is cute :3 with a girl like that you will feel completely relax , she can be in the top best girl and she dont have been freaking nude to reach the top of best girl and guys this is a fking *Sister from the VATICAN !* i will never forget this girl (Heart) **Tres Iqus /** dont fk with him you will probably die... or not **Alessandro XVIII /** poor guy and soo innocent into a lot of problem this is sad for him to have this big task and dont fking know what is going on , he cry the majority of the time or just be very but very scared of everything we can say he is really pure... yeah we gonna say that **Petro Orsini /** give that man a Medal this guy look like a fker but he is fking nice and have a real knight heart having i want a knight like that into my troops thats sure he is just too awesome xD **Kate Scott /** intelligent sister hologram power cute and pure as fuck she gonna purify you with his power get the fk down or run stupid impure .. no i just joke okay but she is awesome for a hologram... yeah..... hmm yeah okay <u>**About The Enjoyment**</u> i have really been into the anime thats difficult to think that some people will not like that you have a lot of punch in the anime and with full action and drama this is pretty interesting too i have enjoy each thing into the anime i dont know if some people will think the same thing but for me i have freaking like that you have some **Comedy** sometimes and this is funny but we dont have soo much **Comedy** this is more serious and because this is more mature this is more enjoyable to watch.. better than some no-sense story we gonna know in the future with a lot of immaturity ..  thats just fking cool to watch he gonna be into my favorite ! thats already finish i will deal with it and no others season are coming this is very sad because i have liked this anime too much and take it like a routine in the night so... yeah this is very sad for me but you will like that just give this anime a chance this can be old if you are over 2007 but this is a very nice anime try it and watch it entirely you will not regret it the end can be **Special** but you will like that ! but for now... *Just a moment of Silence       because i will miss this anime                  Goodbye **Trinity Blood** you have been awesome (Heart)*

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