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Hideo Middle School eighth-grader Ayu Tateishi, as a member of the tennis club, is of course a cool girl who is popular among the girls in the school. Actually, she's an ordinary girl pretending to be cool, because Kaji-kun of the baseball team likes her. She is adored by the transfer student Nina Sakura. Nina actually has a huge secret?! Because she is a young witch who transferred from the magic kingdom. She's a real witch which a magic computer and a magical treasure box. But this magic always causes big problems!! Now back to the boys. Of course there's Tetsushi Kaji, the up-and-coming ace of the baseball team, who is very popular among the girls, and his best friend, the calm and quiet member of the tennis club, Hiroki Tsujiai, and many others. This story is a school love comedy set at Hideo Middle School, starring the cool beauty Ayu, the young witch Nina, the baseball team's Kaji-kun, and the tennis team's Tsujiai-kun. Also, there are original characters that Yoshizumi-sensei designed specifically for the anime, so please look forward to it! (Source: AnimeNfo)

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Ah, Ultra Maniac. I remember reading it more than five times when I was 11 or 12. I remember the anime, too. The anime is most certainly a fun one. It's suitable for all ages. Story. Simple one: it follows the story of two girls: Ayu and Nina. Ayu was a normal girl who acts "cool" because this guy liked that side of her. All she wants is this guy, Kaji to like her, and then she runs into Nina. Nina is a witch in training, well, she was... now she's studying in the human world, and Nina is determined to help Ayu (when it isn't really help, dear god) and much hilarious mishaps ensue! ...Until her cat, childhood friend and rival appear to complicate things even more. The story is nice and heartwarming as time goes on, and the conclusion is wonderful. Nice story to be told in a length of 26 episodes. It diverges from the manga, however, in places, and Sayaka isn't in this anime at all. But it covers most of the important parts in the manga while going its own way with the anime. I rarely like an anime more than its original manga, but this one (along with Death Note) are exceptions. Animation is the only low score. This is pretty typical of all 2003 anime when animation was still pretty low tier and terrible. So, it's average animated and is animated the same as most stuff in this time period. Sound is nice. Fits well with each appropriate scene. Now, the characters are all pretty nice. I loved all of them individually  including the anime exclusive characters that were otherwise only in the anime. There was a nice development of friendship between all the cast members, and that's nice to see. I really enjoyed this show. It's not one of my favorites, but it's way within my top 50 anime I've ever watched. It's too bad, though, that the manga wasn't like this. Recommended! If you liked this, you'll enjoy Ojamajo DoReMi which is also about little witch girls. (While this one only has a couple.) 

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