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Based on a game by Princess Soft The main character, Junna has a twin sister Senna. He is an ordinal student of an elite school. However, in the past, a traffic accident deprived him of his parents and his memory. Junna survived the accident, and he has lived only with his sister though he has been looked after by his relatives. And present... The life with Senna in the same high school is so pleasant that he can forget the severe past. Because he has been in the world where there is only Senna, his lives in this town, such as the beginning of a new life, new environments, and the meetings, are so refreshing. However, he begins to recall the memories he lost in the accident. Though he enjoys happy and pleasant days, he is tossed by the past, the present, and the future. What is the truth hidden in his memory? (Source: AniDB)

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**Review request from MaxLemon**To preface this, I could only stomach the 1st episode so my review covers that and some speculation.     So W:Wish or Double Wish as it is known tells the "story" of a Jun Fukuyama and his "Twin 'younger' Sister" Ai Shimizu. Now if you are thinking, "Why if they are siblings (twins at that) do they have different last names?" . My answer, Plot device. The show starts off with some blurry tripped out images with a girl (Ai Shimizu) calling for her "Oni-chan" over and over. This doesn't get explained well but we can guess this references to something in the final two episodes where the BIG PLOT TWIST happens. However that is merely speculation derived from separate shows of the same genre. The show then cuts straight to the typical Japanese anime classroom where nobody listens to the teacher, and she gets mad when they leave as she as talking. Our main character, who I will be referring to as MC because his name doesn't matter. So MC gets called out of class by his "sister" who decided to call to him secretly from the hallway instead of getting him like a normal human being. They then begin talking about the culture festival, because whats more important in life than those. The sister begins doing the "I am in love with my brother cause reasons" act and of course MC is completely oblivious to it (eh? nadatte?). This is only broken up by the guy who the story had decided was going to be homosexual for the MC. He does this by performing the pull the MC arm into the chest trick, except he uses his crotch (and no I'm not exaggerating).They then get called into the teachers office. MC immediately begins to apologize for having "only" failed 3 or 4 exams. His sister also chimes in saying that "If oni-chan needs to take supplementary lessons I will make him". The teacher informs MC that while he is stupid that the reason is not his grades but his living conditions at home. The writers took the liberty at this time to show us what looks like the flashback car explosion scene in "Austin Powers: Goldmember". The MC as we can guess is the sole survivor of a "horrible" car accident. Sensei-nobodylistenstomebecauseitsfunny, precedes to tell them they need to live in the dorms. Well, MC is not having any of that. He firmly g̶r̶a̶s̶p̶s̶ ̶i̶t̶ tells Sensei that he only needs his sister because "she saved him from amnesia"? I wasn't clear with it. After words it cuts to the end scene where the two siblings are sitting on the swings talking about what just happened. It is at this point MC has paradigm shifted from baka-onii-san to TsunOnii-san. He proceeds to call off his sisters shenanigans and call her a baka two more times after she started getting c̶r̶i̶n̶g̶e̶y̶ mushy about what he said in the teachers office. They then roll the ED and credits.

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