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At the millennial edge, the concluding battle for humanity's future is staged. Kamui Shirou's destiny has been decided as he returns to Tokyo to face his ultimate challenge. The Dragon of Heaven, defenders of the Earth, stand ready to protect the world from the Dragon of Earth, the seven angels of legend, who embrace the devastation of the planet to bring about its purification. Now Kamui must decide which side to fight for although he finds the idea utterly unappealing. It isn't until realizing that his two childhood friends, Fuma and Kotori Monou, are in grievous peril that Kamui decides to step into his fated position in the climactic struggle of the Year of Destiny: 1999. (Source: AnimeNfo)

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This is one of the few anime, along side with the Magnetic Rose, that made me cry hard at the end. The is no good or bad guys really, everyone has his reasons to be on a different side and is a perfect tragedy in many ways with a beatiful atmosphere that on Clamp can make. I have to admit that i didn't read the manga yet ( yes my very bad... ) but i have to recommend this, both the movie and the anime ovas. I think you can just check the movie and if you love it go for the ovas since they are very different from the movie in some of the core elements.

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