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Yuugi is a somewhat frail young boy who happens to be a big fan of gaming of any kind. But when he solves an ancient egyptian puzzle he is granted all the powers of darkness. Now when confronted with danger and injustice, he transforms into a much darker and dangerous form, and proceeds to dish out the justice and punishment for those who so richly deserve it. (Source: AnimeNfo)

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Back when Yu-Gi-Oh meant "King of Games" and not "hilariously melodramatic card duels" this show was made. It's an adaptation of the earliest chapters of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, before Duel Monsters became super popular and took over. In the beginning, Yugi's grandfather gives him an ancient puzzle that no one has ever completed, but supposedly has the power to grant wishes. One night, driven by a mysterious force, he completes it, and wishes for friends. The next day, everyone is much nicer to him, although he also develops "another face" that shows when he or his friends are in danger. This side of him, Yami, is the King of Games, and has the ability to challenge people to a "Shadow Game" where their true character is revealed. Some of the games are simple, while others have actual rules, like chess. Duel Monsters is actually featured in a few episodes, with even less-defined rules than in the longer series. Most of them, however, are fairly well thought out, and the clever ways that Yami / Yugi wins never feels like a copout, and is actually one of the highlights of the show. **Story** If you've ever seen Yu-Gi-Oh for any amount of time, you probably recognize the basic plot points: Yugi is an outcast who finds solace in his hair stylist and his grandpa's card shop. He finds a magic puzzle haunted by the soul of an Egyptian Pharoah, wishes for friends, and in the process becomes the King of Games. The first few episodes are sort of "monster of the week" where a bully is picking on someone, usually Yugi or his friends. Once he's pushed to the edge, the Pharoah takes over and Yami challenges them to a "Shadow Game" where there personality flaws will cause them to break the rules, and lose. Of course, the punishment for cheating is um... ruining their life? Yami causes one man to imagine he's constantly on fire. Another woman must be nice all the time, or her face will shatter into ugliness. *The main character does this to these people. In a kid's show.* Eventually it moves into the plot, which involves facing off against Seto Kaiba (with hilarious green hair) and his Four Generals, who are determined to challenge Yami to a game and... beat him, apparently. That's all they want, really. Of course the only way to face Yami is to push Yugi and his friends around, so... **Character** Yugi is an adorable wimp, like you expect him to be, until he changes to Yami, who is cool, collected, and honestly a bit sadistic until Yugi and friends mellow him out. They play up this dichotomy much more than in Duel Monsters. Yugi's friends are Joey &amp; Tristan (or um, Jounouchi &amp; Honda) and Tea (Anzu) and they act pretty much the same way they always have. Also joining them is a minor character from the manga, Miho, who in this is a lovable ditz and a bit of a spoiled brat. Honda is in love with her, and she's, of course, oblivious. Seto is even goofier than in Duel Monsters, being about the shorter than the rest of the gang (but taller than Yugi), sporting dark circles under his eyes and inexplicable green hair. See, in the manga, everything was black and white, so I guess they took some liberties? He's still supposedly wicked smart, and runs KaibaCorp after bamboozling his adoptive father out of it. **Animation** The animation is looser than the Duel Monsters series, but then, it was made earlier, and probably with a smaller budget. Characters are a bit shorter and less pointy-looking than their later counterparts, which matches the earlier manga chapters it's based on. It has that 90's kids' show charm though. Think Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, etc. **Sound** The sound is actually pretty good. Yugi sounds more adorable than in the later series, and Yami still sounds badass, although in a more cool, indifferent kind of way (Both were voiced by women). Yami also gets a sweet catchphrase "<i>Sa~, geemu no jikanda." </i>or<i> "Then, it's game time!" </i>which he says nearly every episode. Yugi's friends sound... okay, I guess. I kind of miss Joey's Brooklyn Rage. The eye-catch music is really cool, and if you've ever wondered where the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Series' theme song comes from... now you know. **Enjoyment** I enjoyed it. It's very goofy and over-the-top, and some of the situations they find themselves in are ridiculous. Many of the more memorable ones would be slightly recycled later in Duel Monsters, such as: Kaiba kidnapping Yugi's grandfather, although in this he also builds a giant indoor amusement park / deathtrap that Team Yugi must first fight up to the top floor; Playing Not-Dungeons-N-Dragons against Bakura while trapped inside their game pieces; Causing natural disasters to devastate Japan after a classmate unseals an ancient board game that steals people's souls. **Overall** If you like the idea of a superhero whose power is being good at games, but were turned off by Duel Monsters, then give this a shot. It's lighthearted and kiddy, but it's also charming. If you like it, check out the manga. It's basically the same plot, but with some elaborations, and it's a bit darker in places, as well (For example, Kaiba traps them in a room with a serial killer. I guess that's one way to win.)

I really loved this anime. Concept was really good. Plot was good too. Sometimes they used to drag a particular arc unnecessarily but still, really liked it. Must watch I say.

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