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From Intercross: Yayoi is an energetic girl who is living happily with her single dad. All her life, she's always blamed herself for the death of her mom, and also she believes that her most important things always disappear on her birthday. This changes when a substitute teacher comes along... In this volume: 1) Sangatsu no Yume 2) Kitto Kagayakeru - Because of some conditions with her body, Rei is always spending her school time in the school's infirmary, watching the various teams prepare for the school's Athletics Festival coming up. When sneaking out of the infirmary one day, she's found by one of the Cheer Group leaders, asking her to join their group! Rei intends to participate with all her power, without leaving any regrets behind... 3) Midori no Kakehashi 4) Harmony 5) Harukaze Fuku Shima

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