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Aoi Destruction is a compilation of short storied by Kazurou Inoue (Midori no Hibi and Aikora). The first 3 chapters are dedicated to the title story (Aoi Destruction). Which continues the adventures of Samejima, Tetsuo and his trap father Aoi from Midori no Hibi. Story 2 is "Koshoten Yakou Funsenki" (古書店夜光奮戦記- Rare Bookshop Owner Yakou's Hard-Fighting Chronicles)." Story 3 is "Full Scratch Eiji (フルスクラッチ・エイジ)", about a boy who tries to get away from his otaku past. Story 4 is "Otone no Naisho (音禰のないしょ - Otone's Predicament)", a story about a young samurai girl who finds herself the owner of a perverted possessed katana. (Source: MU)

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