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Arcana - Mahoutsukai / Jutsushi

The Zero-Sum Original Anthology Series features themed oneshots from various mangaka that publish in Ichijinsha's Zero-Sum and Ward magazines. Volume 7 theme: magic users. 1. Kawahori the Word Man by D. Kissan 2. Night bird by Kouzuki Reo 3. Mushroom and Kappa - Magic Users’ Chapter by Magami Guriko 4. Good Day For Me by Omote Sora 5. Love Coloured Glasses by Bikke 6. The Kind Black Witch by Ueda Shinshuu 7. The Magician and I by Mikawa Verno 8. Kokonoe Kyuujutsu by Aoto Takane 9. Forest’s Poison by Kumeta Natsuo 10. The Witch and I by Saeki Yashiro 11. Kashoku by Kayase Shiki 12. Magical Girl Alice and Her Brother by Igarashi Ran 13. Magic! by Mizuhara Kenta 14. The Kind Magician and the Paper Bag Girl by Mizutani Yuzu & Kaede Tohru 15. Secret Service by Suzuki Ichiko

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