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The young Arion is tricked by Hades and is taken to the underworld where he is trained to become a warrior strong enough to defeat even a god. Thrusted into a war among the Titan brothers, Arion embarks into a colossal saga towards the Olympus, home of Zeus. This is the story of Arion, a little boy raised by only his blind mother in a barren land. One day a man comes to visit his mother. This man calls himself Arions uncle and Arions mother calls the man Hades. The uncle convinces Arion that he knows where Arion can get a hold of a special herb that can cure Arions mothers eyes, and so the boy willingly comes with his uncle Hades on a journey. The moment Ariona agrees to go, his mother feels it in her heart and rushes out of her little house and screams at the sky ; Zeus, your brother is taking Arion to the land of the dead. Follow Arion on his adventures among old greek gods and godesses. (Source: ANN)

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