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Boarding House of Hunks

Boy-crazy Jae Yoo is willing to go through any underhanded means if it means living in the boarding house full of hot guys… Even if it’s going out on a blind date with the dorkiest boy in the school. When she dumps the guy immediately after, she pisses off his handsome best friend Ji Hu and from that point on, the two are constantly going at each other’s throats like cats and dogs. When Jae Yoo finally accomplishes her dream of entering the “boarding house of hunks,” she thinks that nothing could go wrong. An amazing house, a kind landlady, and even a cute guy who seems to be interested in her… What’s this?! Ji Hu is the landlady’s son?! And how is it that he knows about Jae Yoo’s most embarrassing moment in life? What kind of life will the two lead under the same roof? Will they be able to live together at all?! (Source: Esthetique)

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