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A boxer with a killer fist betrayed by his lust for victory, the conflict of a prostitute in the Second World War, a depressed bookmaker, a group of vagabonds in their daily struggle for survival, a gigolo dominated by an impossible love. .. Just as the pearl is formed by a grain of dust, and the diamond is but a piece of crystallized carbon, Tatsumi carefully creates his stories, picturing our most vulnerable side. He reminds us what it means to be human. This is the real gem. Contains the short stories: - Passing bell - La carrera del Nembutsu (Nembutsu's Race) - El hotel del paso subterráneo (The Subway's Hotel) - Crónica de la guerra de las putas (Chronicle of the Whores's War) - La ciudad en la palma de la mano (The City in the Palm of His Hand)

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