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Satomi wakes up late one morning and starts running to school, but she crashes onto Keshi. They both stare at each other for a moment and noticed they switched bodies! Now Keshi is in Satomi's body and Satomi is in Keshi's body. They have to continue the other's life until they fix their problem. But things get complicated when Mariko, Satomi's best friend, confesses that she likes Naoshige to Keshi, in Satomi's body, and he doesn't know what to do. Includes two other stories: • Mushibana After graduating from middle school, HIRAI Yuka hopes to gain many new friends and a handsome boyfriend in high school. But during her days before entering high school she manages to get a major tooth ache which totally ruins her class introduction and kills her chances of gaining new friends and boyfriend. Forced to go to the dentist and feeling like her life couldn't get any worse, she makes a chance meeting with a bishounen, Yuuki Yuuta-kun at the dental clinic, Yuka's life is suddenly starting to look better!? (Source: Intercross) • Tomodachi Sando (Source: MU)

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