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Fureru Yubi wa Piano Mamiko is a piano teacher with mostly young students, but also one adult businessman, who unfortunately does not have much talent. Why does he want to learn in the first place? Mitsumecha Yaa yo Mimura Miho has a very large bust. Because of that, she's often not taken seriously by the guys she truly likes, including her current crush, her boss Sugisaki. Urumu Tsukiyo ni Misaki, who has had trouble sleeping at night, accidentally calls Lunarium, a strictly non-sexual service that rents out people that will simply sleep next to you in the same bed to help you feel more comfortable at night. A handsome boy named Polaris arrives and...?? Sensei datte Onna no Ko Yukina, a high school teacher, checks out a finishing school and finds out that the owner is the father of one of her own students!

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