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Time and distance is what Keigo has to conquer, when – at a very young age – he gets separated from best bud Chihiro, due to his family’s moving overseas. As the years go by, his separation from his friend becomes so unbearable that it forces Keigo to become a withdrawn shut-in. Chihiro’s mother, after hearing the news, takes pity on the boy and offers to watch over him if he wishes to come home. Reunited with Chihiro, Keigo unceremoniously blurts out, “I love you, Chihiro. I totally love you! Ever since the past! I’m in love with you!” With the truth out in the open, everything should all be well and good, except for two things: 1) Chihiro is creeped out because they’re both guys, and 2) he’s already in love with one of the girls at school. (Source: Juné)

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