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1. After School Kiss: "The person who does the worst on the next test must accept a dare… He has to go out with Yamashita Fuyu!" This time its Minato Sakurai to do the dare... the infamous "Do and Drop King"! Having heard the dare being made Yamashito still eventually goes along with it, can any good possibly come from this? 2. Making an Angel: Sayaka Sunohara is a high school student "and" a talent scout. She has spotted "Arashi". After cleaning him up he is just perfect for the new "Angel" campaign. But only Sayaka knows (belatedly) that he is also something of a "devil in disguise". Angel or Devil, Sayaka will have her hands full! 3. Lock on to Mr. Prince!!: A cute story of a dumb girl and the mean Student Body President that she fell in love with. Wanting to be close to her prince, she decided to join the student council, ending up being the janitor and was called exhausted by the President himself! find out how Seto Iori managed to "lock on" her prince. (Source: Mangafox)

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