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"We've awaited for you so long, our Messiah" - 5 beautiful girls kneeling on their knees in front of a highschooler Kashiba Shougo. Somehow Shougo's normal days going to school together with his childhood friend Karin is over, together they were pulled to another dimension. The 5 girls, "Maiden Princess" is how they were called and from one of them, Mellini, an exceptionally beauty among the 5, told him that the curse of this world creator, the god, caused human population to decrease greatly. The only one who can fight equally with God's subordinates (who execute the God's curse upon the world), have to be the one who was not created by god, the one who was summoned from another world. And the new Messiah, Shougo must watch with his very own eyes the deaths of countless people. He now decides to fight, as the only one who can stop Gods, as the "Iconoclast". (Source: Crazy Cake)

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