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Kareki ni Koi wo Sakasemasu

From the mangaka of Aishiteruze Baby, collection of 4 short stories. 1) Kareki ni Koi wo Sakasemasu: Ritsu is a normal high schooler, whose people thoughts are always about how cold she is. One day, she met a weird looking guy by chance,... who turned to be the new transfer student... But for what reason is he there? And why is it that she cant help but care of him?? 2) Heavy Crash!! Two girls who are always tagged as a problem child. Even though, they arent, still they dont care, their friend ship is the best. But... What if one of them falls over heels in love? 3) The Juicy Game: After too much one-sided loves, Natsuko is finally reciprocated and got herself a boyfriend. But... not everything is pink and flowers, her thick-headed brother wont let this go easily... 4) Love Service!: Miku is a girl with no interest in school, whose whereabouts are always out of it. Then, on the streets a guy suddenly saves her from being tossed by a car, but... breaks her phone?!! Who is this guy?!! (Source: Mangafox)

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