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A volume of sweet, beautifully drawn oneshots from one of our favorite mangaka. 1. Imaginary Lovers A man reunites with his college love after three years only to find out that his thoroughly male love interest has apparently conceived, given birth to and raised a son in the three years since they parted. That this is anatomically possible doesn't even occur to our slightly dopey seme, who's just overjoyed at the prospect of getting back "the one that got away" plus a rather adorable half-sized extra. 2. Brothers Two very different boys learn to co-exist when they suddenly find themselves living together and expected to act like brothers. 3. Supreme Logic Study Two college students bask in domestic bliss after ten years of friendship, totally unaware of their true feelings for each other. 4. Twin When Wataru dies in a traffic accident, he thinks he has no lingering attachments to the living world... if that's so, then why can't he pass on to his next incarnation? And what's keeping the sad-eyed boy who shares his lonely rooftop? 5. Bet A bet turns into something much more infuriating... 6. D.H. A boy is enlisted to write love letters for his less-than-literate best friend... unfortunately, the object of his friend's affection is his own secret crush. (Source: Doki-Doki)

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