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Legend of Regios

A series set in the past world of Chrome Shelled Regios. Failed on the development of space shuttles to let human go to space, wars arise everywhere on earth for the already running out materials, foods, and resources. In all of those riots, a research team "Alchemist" continues on developing a Subspace Creator System (Aurora Field). Hundred of years pasts since then, Aurora walls are limiting the world people can go and nobody knows what lies behind those walls. And a research on "the other side" is begun, their purpose is to examine the forgotten world behind the aurora field. Ailen is one of the research members and he is the only one that came back from the mission, along with his already "affected" body... The madness of "Alchemist" started to break the world peace inside the walls, and to keep on living Ailen rose against them...

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