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Having been told by her mother that by staying cute she'll find her prince, Nishie Miu did her best to adhere to her mother's thinking. However, she encountered the popular Fujiwara Nagisa accidentally breaking the principal's vase and skipping volleyball practice. Miu, afraid of the thought that being in an all-girl school would deprive her of relationship experience, grabbed the opportunity and asked to feign going out with her in exchange for keeping it a secret.

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Being in an all-girls HS in which a place literally as it says, "all-girls", there will be no single boy schooler exists to the delight of the female students. But, Nishie Miu always applies the teaching of her mother that told her ever since she was a child to mind her appearance, "always be cute" even if Miu knows there is no guy to attract there. She appears to wear makeup casually, not overdo it, but her thinking of a boy is really something. She is a normal female student in the phase of early adolescence who is dreaming of falling in love with a boy (like in a fairy tale such as a charming prince). She is so normal, a girl who isn't good at sports and like cute things. The unexpected situation happens when she witnesses Fujiwara-senpai's wrongdoing. Fujiwara-senpai, who's the famous second year student of volleyball club, begs her to not let anyone know about what's happening and grants her free-pass to do any possible thing to her. The deal is made. This chance is used by Miu perfectly. Fujiwara-senpai accepts the agreement Miu demands, to go out with her. In all-girls HS, the scheme of relationship is it doesn't have to be a guy. There will be a few outstanding female students with such popularity who are pretty boyish to be admired. This image can replace the desire of the rest of the girls to have such a romantic relationship with the real boys. That's where the lesbian couples emerge /stahp/. ​ Fujiwara-senpai's appearance is mesmerizing with her pretty face, quite height, and has English blood. Her traits are far more superior than the normal female students in there. Her popularity drags her to be one of those most-wanted students to be dated by other students. The description of her appearance matches how Fujiwara-senpai is shown in the manga. When it's Fujiwara-senpai, all the strokes and fine movements are there, as well as how girly Miu is. For short series I kinda love it and imagine the possibility of how they relationship goes feels great, 4 for rate.

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