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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Six minors (16 or 17 years) answering to the nicknames of Joe, Mario, Suppon, Baremoto, Biceps and Cauliflower are put into a reformatory for offences such as aggravated assault, swindle, flight, etc. Their stay in hell begins immediately. Accomodated by a doctor paedophile, they are placed under the monitoring of a despotic and brutal crew. Companions of cell of certain Sakuragi (called Anchan), the tension flares up between the band of buddies and their new "friend". A brawl breaks out and our six prisoners are done rossés by mysterious young man thanks to his boxing talent. The story will not only follow the lives of these seven characters surviving in their hellish environment, but also their disillusions due to the rejection by the outside world and by their close relations. This is about the extraodinary and invincible friendships between these young men. (Source: MU)

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