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Sayoko is an incredibly kind, but solitary, young kimono-clad lady who has certain supernatural abilities. She can see ghosts, and she frees them from their places of death by agreeing to let them haunt her instead. As a result, everywhere she goes, she is followed by an army of well-meaning spirits that only she can see. Her weirdness tends to throw any normal people who would have otherwise possibly become her friends. Inaba is a poor college student who accidentally ran over her with his bicycle, before learning that the store where he had worked had gone out of business and his boss had vanished. Sayoko was not only very understanding about the accident, she even gave him money that would help him out until he found another job! Though Inaba's no fan of the supernatural, he was so grateful that he managed to pretend Sayoko wasn't weird at all, even when she started talking to ghosts. Sayoko, unused to this sort of treatment from others, fell in love instantly. Now she's become his next door neighbor, and, with a little help from her ghosts, she's determined to try her best to win his heart! (Source: Mangahelpers)

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