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1) The President's Taste The young office worker ran into his company's president on his way to work. The starstruck worker guides his clueless boss on the finer points of navigating the train system. As he was enjoying spending some time up close with his impressive elite boss, a train pervert decides to be even closer to the poor worker. 2) The President's Dinner The president is jealous that his lover is spending time with his colleagues. 3) The Overtime Lover The chief is suspicious of his worker. Whilst capable, but he is also frivolous, always proclaiming his love for the exasperated boss. 4) The Deposit The young salesman is on the verge of getting axed if he doesn't bring in a substantial deposit for the bank he is working for. 5) Give Me Care A senior and junior from the same high school are now in the same company as well. What will happen to their "trade"? 6) Romantic Bedroom After a long battle to win the heart of his crush, the young office worker finally got his prize. 7) The Violent Pure Love After a long absence, the salary-man finally goes back to his home-town for a visit, and meets his old childhood playmate. 8) The President's Punishment The president has his lover all tied up and the interrogation regarding the leaking of sensitive information has begun. (Source: Manga-Updates)

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