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Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!

Shiratori Reiko is beautiful and rich. Her usual catchphrase is something along the line of "do you think a gorgeous perfect person like me would do something like this?" One day, when she's in high school, a boy called Tetsuya confessed his love to her. As usual, her response to him is that someone like him doesn't deserve her at all. Rejected by her, Tetsuya walks off. However, what Tetsuya doesn't know is that Reiko actually does loves him. With everyone expect her to retain her high standard, she doesn't dare to go against the peer pressure. After they graduated from high school, Reiko follows Tetsuya to study at the same university he attends. she's also rent the apartment near the place Tetsuya is renting. Pretending that this is all a coincident they study in the same place, how will Tetsuya found out about Reiko's true feeling?

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