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An anthology of six short stories. The title story is set in the Klondike region in 1897 and recounts the American author Jack London’s fortuitous encounter with an enigmatic old man. White Wilderness is also related to Jack London - it's an adaptation of the early part of his White Fang novel in which two men and their dog team are relentlessly pursued by a pack of wolves. Our Mountains, set in Japan in the 1920s, follows an elderly hunter in his attempts to take vengeance on the enormous bear that killed his son. Kaiyose-Jima is a nostalgic tale in which a boy is sent to spend the summer with relatives on the coast after his mother is taken ill. In Shôkarô, a mangaka looks back on the strange apartment building he lived in when he first came to Tokyo as an aspiring artist and the unusual people he met there. Return To The Sea is the tale of a marine biologist working on the coast of Alaska who becomes obsessed by an elderly bowhead whale and by Inuit tales of a whale cemetery. (Source: ANN)

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