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It's easy to be a hero, with people who sing your praises and your own television series. It's too easy to fight opponents when you have the approval of all! Too easy to parade around in public when you have a fancy costume and the best weapons technology at your disposal! But have you ever thought about what it's like to be part of the opposition? To be part of the evil organisation known as "Bones"? Organising criminals and making plans for global domination is getting harder and harder; There are always rangers in the way, there's never enough money to build decent mechanical monsters, and even when you can they're no longer capable of staying standing for 10 seconds, let alone fighting! And then there are the "personal" problems - the family is always demanding more time, the dog needs the vet, the bathroom flooded... it goes on and on, damn it! No, being "bad" is no walk in the park! The important thing, however, is to keep a "project" in mind... (Translated from Ronin Manga's synopsis)

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