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Momoko considers Anna, a famous actress as her love rival and so she always curse Anna to die whenever she sees Anna news in the media. At the same time, Momoko's sister sent Momoko an application for the TV audition without telling her before and now Momoko has to go there. Thinking that going there will let her meet her favorite actor, Momoko agrees to go there with her friend. She got lost and without knowing it, ended up wanders around Anna's apartment. Hopeless to find the way, she decided to ask a girl who's happen to be there for the direction and surprisingly, that girl is Anna. Momoko is however, despite disliking Anna, got starstrucked and askes Anna to take pictures with her, causing her friend to think that she's practice acting. Why her friend thinks like that? Her friend sees no one there. What Momoko and her friend doesn't know at that time is that Anna has already died since last night, on the same night Momoko curses her. Momoko is freaked out when she knows the truth after she talked with her friend later and learned about Anna's dead. The fact that she died on the same night Momoko curses her make Momoko scared of the vengeful spirit. Indeed, Anna does hold a grudge over this. She uses her spirit power to make Momoko passed the audition, possess Momoko on and off and tries to take over Momoko's body. Witness the rocky relationship between Momoko and Anna and how story ended up to be. Will Momoko's life return to normal after this? Can they be friend or she's deem to be harassed by Anna's spirit forever?

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