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Collection of oneshots • Yasashii Keredo Ijiwaru de (Ch. 1-2) • Yasashii Keredo Ijiwaru de (Ch. 3) [English (Deux Press) edition] Kakeru's homeroom teacher, Wakasa, is very popular with the female students and is known for being,"super nice." However, one day, Kakeru sees his teacher, who is supposedly "so nice he could never hurt a fly," in the middle of a fight! On top of that, he then finds himself carrying the knocked-unconscious Wakasa home! Is this guy really a nice, kind homeroom teacher, or is he, in reality, someone quite naughty in more ways than one? • Bouquet for You (Chapters 1 & 2) When young florist Kazuki helps a customer who has allergies, he doesn't expect to see the man again. But pretty soon businessman Etou is becoming a regular part of Kazuki's life. • Unexpected Disaster [not in English (Deux Press) edition] When the cat he's not supposed to have gets into his next door neighbor's house and makes a mess of some valuable paintings, a young scuba instructor finds himself blackmailed into nude modeling by the perverted artist. (B-U)

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